27 July 2009

Sweets for Stitching (NOT Eating)

My sister stitched these inedible goodies during the summer and they really piqued my interest.

So much, as a matter of fact, that I ended up buying three more kits. Isabelle had the ones for dimsum and sushi; the one for the basket with assorted breads stayed with me.

I've already started on my kit, but haven't really made much headway because of all the stuff that seems to be claiming the bulk of my time. I'd blame the fact that I've always been more than a little clumsy with needles and thread, but I'd be lying because I do cross-stitch from time to time.

Still, soon as I get some free time to actually do some sewing, I intend to get a few good stitches in and - eventually - finish the darned kit.

And maybe - just maybe - start on another one...

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