17 August 2009

Ten Things to Keep Yourself from Going Bonkers

Artwork: In Our Nature - Catherine Campbell, 2009

Ask me what I'd rather be doing right now - at this very moment - and I'll tell you off the bat that I would really rather be baking several dozen cookies right now. However, since I am miles away from my kitchen and oven, one needs to rethink that particular option and do something else.

Truth be told, I feel like the girl in today's pretty little piece of art from Catherine Campbell: I feel like I'm just quietly simmering, brewing, stewing, cooking something up in my brain and getting ready for something new. My mind is like a teabag soaking in hot water: a little patience, some waiting is required before you can enjoy whatever it is I have in mind.

So what does a girl do whilst her mind is simmering? From experience, there are actually ten things you can do to keep yourself from going crazy:
  1. Brush up on your existing skills. Attend workshops on subjects that play to your strengths or read up on new developments in your existing field. In my case, this has involved writing workshops and poetry readings.
  2. Pick up new ones. It always pays to learn something new.
  3. Work out. Not only will you get a better body, but you'll also be able to keep your mind off your stresses.
  4. Try something new. Whether it's a new hairstyle, a new food, or a new sport, new things always serve to broaden your horizons and improve your outlook.
  5. Spend some time solo. You don't always have to be part of a crowd; in fact, you can probably get your best ideas whenever you take solitary walks or just curl up someplace and dream.
  6. Keep reading. You'll never know what you'll be able to pick up.
  7. Stay away from stressful people. Otherwise, you might end up becoming the unfortunate sponge that absorbs their negative energies. Run away while you can!
  8. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities. If you aren't happy where you are, keep a keen eye out for those possibilities that will let you use your talents to the max.
  9. Give hugs. Because everyone needs comfort, after all.
  10. Pray. Because our Heavenly Father is the greatest source of comfort and will always be our rock and fortress.

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