02 June 2009

It's a Seriously Frightening Thing...

...when it turns out that:
  • the love of your life belongs to the same church as your (soon-to-be-former) best friend's best friend from school;
  • that he went to the same school as one of your former officemates (and you found out about that when aforementioned former officemate sent a request via Facebook);
  • some of his friends have been snooping onto your Multiply page whenever you say something nice on any of his posts;
  • his ahiya (older brother; kuya in Tagalog) was your former boss's former officemate (and still happens to be your ex-boss's wife's officemate); and
  • you take one of those offbeat Facebook quizzes and it turns out you're the Monica to his Chandler.
Coincidence, perhaps? I don't really know.

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