24 June 2009

You Can't Push Anyone into Recovering

Artwork: All I Needer - Tessar, 2009

I wonder when people will figure out that even allegedly heartless, selfish, and hateful people like me still need hugs and such symbols of affection and concern whenever we're ill.

Instead, all I've been getting are Gestapo-ish commands from some really authoritarian bitches and bastards who have been telling me to recover - or else. Hah; as if recovery could be achieved with the snap of one's fingers.

As wrong as it sounds, I can only wish that these people would fall ill themselves - and then I'd like to see if anyone will show them any sympathy after what they've put myself and others through.

All I need right now is a hug and some reassurance that there will always be light at the end of any tunnel.

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